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Quarterly Membership (Non-Profit/Spiritual Institutions)

Quarterly Membership (Non-Profit/Spiritual Institutions)

Quarterly Membership (Non-Profit/Spiritual Institutions)
per quarter (3 months)

-Weekly Jam Sessions w/

-Navigational Support

-two one-on-ones per/month

-Customized Funding Searches

-Culturally Responsive Instruction

-Opportunities to Earn-while-you-learn

-Free upfront proposal writing consultations

-BIPOC networking & community building in safety

-Learn how to access and activate your Government!

-Learn how to develop sound, impactful programs

-Discounted LOI's and proposals

-Discounted RFP/Grant Ready Start (50%)

-FREE FOOD! (virtual attendees excluded.)

Sidenote: Dear Churches of America,

COMPLETE YOUR 990! It's not that hard, just write zeros on the postcard and send it in for heaven's sake LMBO!

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