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Black Woman-led Civic Engagement in Minneapolis

Thank you for your interest in Let's Learn Collectively On Our Life's Journey, a civic engagement and education program for adults led by Angela McDowell, a black woman living in Minneapolis. If you enjoyed the services of I Love Paperwork, you'll be interested in what L.L.C.O.O.L.J. has to offer. Currently, the ...

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Supporting BIPOC-led Social Enterprises

The goal of the program is to dismantle "isms" through education and training while creating greater transparency in systemic processes. We help you get started writing your proposal, completing the application, and submitting to fund your initiative. We do this with a culturally-responsive approach that leaves ...

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Empowering Communities Through Education

Our cohort values education and knowledge as key to making positive changes in our local communities and global society. For this reason, Let's Learn Collectively On Our Life's Journey offers a unique alternative to adult civic engagement with a focus on literacy with ongoing support. Holla at us to learn more ...

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Innovative Approach to Civic Engagement

Our learning community is currently offered virtually or in-person FREE for a limited time in Minneapolis. If you live outside of Minneapolis or even Minnesota, feel free to book a consult to see how you can join our movement virtually. We focus on building community and giving people the tools they need to ...

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L.L.C.O.O.L.J. & I Love Paperwork

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  • Free consultation
  • By appointment only
  • BIPOC-focused
  • Cohort-based
  • Empowerment-driven
  • Black Woman-led
  • LGBTQ+ led
  • Spiritually-centered
  • Culturally-responsive