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Y'all heard about the Open Road Fund?

Y'all heard about the Open Road Fund?

Y'all heard about the Open Road Fund?

Posted on June 22nd, 2023

No? Well, that settles it! These philanthropist need to get more intentional about getting the word out to the folks they are truly trying to reach! Oh what was that? You have heard of the Open Road Fund? Well, since that's the case, you may also know that it seeks to grant 50 million dollars, that's million with an M, to black folks in Minnesota along with North and South Dakota. 

Apply Here by July 28th 

The stated goal of Open Road Fund which is being administered by Nexus is to "create tangible pathways to liberation, prosperity, and healing" and doing it on our own terms is something that will certainly take capital in this system. Whether you think this is too little, too late or if you feel that the method in which they will "grant" the funds creates yet another barrier to economic stability for black folks, you're not alone!

Apply Here (ASL/Captioned) by July 28th 

Of course, I Love Paperwork is here for you to fortify your resistance against a bureaucratic system that appears to favor a few over overall fairness. Book a FREE consult today to learn more about how we can help. If you'd like to join a mission-driven network of social enterprises, artists, community stakeholders and more, ask about Let's Learn Collectively On Our Life's Journey, a black woman-led civic engagement cohort. The Open Road Fund is paid for by the Bush Foundation.

Here is a note from the Nexus/Bush Foundation:

You don’t need to work on this application alone! If you want to work on it with other people, or to ask someone for help responding to the questions that’s fine. We encourage you to get the support you need from your community.

Why did we choose a ‘random selection process’ for the first round?

We chose this process for a few reasons. The main reason is that grantmaking and grant writing is not a fair playing field. People who have more education, connections, and funding, win grants most often. As a result many people with brilliant ideas get left behind. Our grant program focuses on addressing wealth inequality and economic injustice. We didn’t think it was appropriate to use the old school approach.

Be real like Cypress Hill! How can we love on you?

Please allow 48-hours for response. 

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