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Congratulations to 4 L.L.C.O.O.L.J. Partnership Engagement Fund Award Recipients!

Congratulations to 4 L.L.C.O.O.L.J. Partnership Engagement Fund Award Recipients!

Congratulations to 4 L.L.C.O.O.L.J. Partnership Engagement Fund Award Recipients!

Posted on June 24th, 2023

 It was the night before Black History Month and all through Minneapolis, there were sprinkles of people that were mad anxious about how exactly they would take advantage of something called the Partnership Engagement Fund . Whew! I meeeaaaan, they knew the money was available for individuals to expand or start their programs (up to 20k for applicants that gross under 150k and up to 50k for those that gross under 300k but over 150k) butterutah HOW could they use it to make a reverberating positive effect on the community? What was the first step? How would they start? Insert Let's Learn Collectively On Our Life's Journey to assist mainly BIPOC trailblazers in making application to the Fund, but that part comes a little later. 

The main point of confusion was that this particular award required a "Partnership" between the applicant and on of the 70 recognized City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations. In order to connect with a Neighborhood Organization, applicants were invited to a series of virtual networking events held by the City. Although the efforts were made to reach out to perspective applicants, multiple factors led to many being left out of the official process. Lack of access to information in a timely manner and in a way that is comprehensible was a major contributing factor. While some lacked the time it took to complete the application or attend meetings, others were fully capable of being present but lacked the ability to compose a narrative. This year, the application allowed for video submissions in lieu of written proposals but many failed to register by the due date to receive an invitation to the official application that was due March 17, 2023. 

So long story short, what had happened was that L.L.C.O.O.L.J. approached Sheridan Neighborhood Organization and was invited to attend their monthly board meeting in February. The night of the meeting, L.L.C.O.O.L.J. just so happened to run into several other folks needing assistance with the process and brought them along. A few days later, L.L.C.O.O.L.J. was sent letters of support from the board of Sheridan Neighborhood Organization. They must've REALLY loved our program initiatives! The next order of business was completing the applications and unfortunately, we weren't able to fully satisfy the applications requirements for them all. We were however able to assist and can now congratulate 4 of the 2023 Partnership Engagement Fund award recipients that excelled with Let's Learn Collectively On Our Life's Journey: 

1. Black Business Enterprises 20K 

2. Let's Learn Collectively On Our Life's Journey over 18K 

3. Lovely Lotus CNA Training Academy 20K

4. MCN6 (Broadcast The Bridge) 20K

Why do we do what we do? It is simple, to simplify bureaucracy for all. We exist in service to an American promise that has for too long evaded too many of us. We have dreams that can be fueled by the promise American made if only we prime it to deliver. Once we gain the knowledge, there is no stopping us. Let's learn collectively on our life's journey and we'll effect more change together!

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