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DEED Competitive Grants & Contracts: April 2023

DEED Competitive Grants & Contracts: April 2023

DEED Competitive Grants & Contracts: April 2023

Posted on March 22nd, 2023

Have you all not heard of the Competitive Grants and Contracts on the Department of Employment and Economic Development's page? If you haven't, here you go! I was just talking to a new potential cohort member and she was telling me about this Youth Support Services RFP closing on April 21st. I'm pointing it out because we always talk about how "they" hide things and sure enough this one is the last one on the page. Sure, it is true that SOMEONE had to go last but why are youth prioritized under the Hazardous Waste RFP that doesn't close until May?

Since we're on the topic of hazardous waste, do you know anyone interested in rehabbing an abandoned building for public use? I sure am! Half of my clients are looking for dilapidated building funds and this is as close as I Love Paperwork can get you! Check out this list of opportunities and check back often because thanks to the new cohort member, I will be posting opportunities here for LLCOOLJ members. Also, if you run across an opportunity you'd like us to apply for while learning, feel free to send them to me. 

You all spoke and I listened, you said you wanted a central place to view opportunities well here it is! I do not believe in sending out mass list because I want you to learn and not be confused. I did the work so you don't have to filter through endless MOFO NOFOs! Check here for custom, curated opportunities that are both relevant to your industry and obtainable. If you can't find an applicable opportunity for your social enterprise or artistic venture then... you're probably not a member of LLCOOLJ and need to apply. 

See you in April

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