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LLCOOLJ Member Spotlight: Loving Lotus CNA Training Academy

LLCOOLJ Member Spotlight: Loving Lotus CNA Training Academy

LLCOOLJ Member Spotlight: Loving Lotus CNA Training Academy

Posted on March 22nd, 2023

Nurse Keisha Williams is showing us how to never work a day in our lives when you're doing something you love! If it makes a positive contribution to society, which most gifts do, then all the better. She is walking in her gift and shining from the mighty Mississippi that cuts through downtown St. Paul, all the way to rolling, steep ass hills of Minneapolis. Her Loving Lotus CNA training school, that is endorsed by the American Red Cross, offers a 2.5 week training course that gets you started on a potentially lucrative career in the healthcare industry.

What her website doesn't tell you is that she tirelessly works to provide an alternative after hours program for youth that are at-risk of not only poverty but also of too many damn interactions with the pigs! By providing constructive, after hours programs for at-risk youth during the time when they are most likely to have this police interaction, she is doing more than preparing them for tomorrow. She could also be the reason why 30 to 40 of our children return home unshot or brutalized by the cops . It's a sad reality that our boys and girls have to face living in this white Wakanda ass state. If you are a black woman reading this in the state of Minnesota, did you know you were 3 times as likely to be killed then your white female neighbor? Just for being black and female in Minnesota, you're 3 times as likely to die early!

I know my mind is filled with some pretty wild statistics but that's why I do what you do and you do what you do. I love paperwork because you love helping families or felons or felines or whatever your cause be, just know that you got me! See you April.

Don't forget to book your memberships by April 7th for the next cohort starting April 14th!

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