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Ward 8 Fund: In Honor of Mr. George Floyd

Ward 8 Fund: In Honor of Mr. George Floyd

Ward 8 Fund: In Honor of Mr. George Floyd

Posted on March 22nd, 2023

I knew there was about zero chance I'd miss a meal when the press release mentioned that registration was closed for the Ward 8 Fund informational at University of St. Thomas School of Law on January 27. Mr. Floyd's family wants to give $500,000 in his honor to support "Black-and minority-owned business and organizations in the Minneapolis neighborhood" where George Floyd was murdered. The meeting was VERY informative and there were even University of St. Thomas Law students in attendance that were volunteering to help people complete the application. Additionally, the family attorneys, RB Law firm volunteered one of their junior attorneys to help us complete these application.  

The Ward 8 Fund presents a good opportunity for us to add to the memory and legacy of service that George Floyd sparked by his martyrdom. We can use this money to make an even greater impact when we do it together! So what does that mean for LLCOOLJ? What that means is that we have some semi-exclusive (us and 3 other people know it) information that we could use to our advantage. If you were a part of the pilot cohort, you know that we have a great chance of leveraging our first funding venture to provide even more of a robust equity-infusing program for Minneapolis! Be sure to complete your membership applications by 4/7 and get ready for an even more dynamic second quarter! 

And yes! There was tons of free food and I Love Paperwork along with my nephew/assistant took our share and it was delicious. Thank you Mr. Floyd. No really, Thank you for your sacrifice Mr. Floyd because black Americans of the diaspora have another monumental chance to SEE and FREE ourselves thanks to you!

Be real like Cypress Hill! How can we love on you?

Please allow 48-hours for response. 

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