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Broadcast The Bridge: Now Live!

Broadcast The Bridge: Now Live!

Broadcast The Bridge: Now Live!

Posted on April 24th, 2023

You may have heard about it!

You may have read about it!

If not, here goes...

     The new alternative summer learning program is taking Minneapolis by mofo tornado! That's right! The Broadcast The Bridge program brought to you by none other than City of Minneapolis (Partnership Engagement Fund) is gearing up to smack your kid in the dreams with a heavy dose of you-can-do-whatever-you-put-your-mind-too-ness! 


     The program is accepting applications from BIPOC youth ages 15-18 interested in exploring STEAM career paths. Participants receive hands on training from leading professionals with decades of experience and proprietary knowledge that easily transfers to careers of tomorrow. Minneapolis based black woman-led civic engagement cohort, L.L.C.O.O.L.J. and I Love Paperwork Limited Liability Company will supply scriptwriting workshops and guided mentorship along with MCN6 and Sheridan Neighborhood Organization. This is truly a collective community effort. 

     The program is housed at Metro Cable Network channel 6 in northeast Minneapolis. The Northeast Arts District is known for more than it's amazing, historic brownstones, it also just so happen to be where one of the last regional cable stations in the country sits. That's right! We have this hidden gem to explore at our leisure and before we take it completely for granted, why not let our youth take it for a spin?      

     Applications are due this May 22 and the program begins in early June. This summer, your youth can explore the fundamentals of live broadcasting across an array of platforms. The program also covers Best Practices and with guided mentorship, has an outcome of an overall safer use of social media and internet applications. 10 students in 4 week intervals for 3 cycles this summer equals 30 slots and they are filling up fast! Apply now.  

Be real like Cypress Hill! How can we love on you?

Please allow 48-hours for response. 

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