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Grants & Government Funding Demystified

Grants & Government Funding Demystified

Grants & Government Funding Demystified

Posted on May 29th, 2023


     The mission of I Love Paperwork has never changed. As we remain innovative in our approach to simplify bureaucracy for the masses, we've pivoted to platforms that grant wider access. At the fear of falling into the "masterclass" group of online offer-preneurs, we've decided to have our own demystifying virtual Jam session, L.L.C.O.O.L.J. style!

     Leave your credit card in your virtual wallet because this is a 100% FREE opportunity to learn and ask all of your pressing funding questions. If you are a professional Grant writer, this will be a unique refresher! If you are new to the world of public and private funding options, this is where you want to be on June 15 at 6 PM CST!

     Why are we doing this for free? Reread the first paragraph for the quick answer. If it helps, all of the slides, videos, funding opportunities, and overall meeting information will be for sale so take notes. This is to support you in your learning as well as I Love Paperwork in sustaining our business. 

     Also, while we'll be laying out the steps to:    

 -Writing winning proposals     

-Understanding funding sources      

-How to do business w/ Government     

-Custom funding searches 

You may also forego the fun and let I Love Paperwork handle it! WE ARE THE PEOPLE! People power Government and if we don't answer the call, shit continues to go undone. Additionally, many of us urgently need funding for our businesses to raise wealth potential in our community. It really is that simple.


Be real like Cypress Hill! How can we love on you?

Please allow 48-hours for response. 

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